Our Ballet Program

Our Ballet Program
  • Structured Syllabus
  • Student Enjoyment
  • Creative Teaching
  • Language Development
  • Musical Development
  • Physical Development
  • Performance Opportunities
  • Competition Participation
  • International Exposure

We are conveniently located in Connaught Ave, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Our Classes

Our Classes
  • Dancing for toddlers
  • TDS Ballet Program for Children
  • TDS Ballet Program for Teenagers
  • TDS Pre-professional Program
  • TDS Competition Team Training
  • CSTD Classical Teacher Training

Why Choose Us ?

Why Choose Us ?
  1. 1
    All-rounded Ballet Program
    We have a comprehensive ballet program which is aimed at developing an all-rounded dancer. It is the first school in Malaysia to emphasis this aspect.
  2. 2
    Inspiring Teachers
    Our principal has more than 18 years of teaching experience in Singapore and Malaysia. She will be able to inspire and bring the best out of your child using her experience from teaching children from vast variety of nationalities and backgrounds.
  3. 3
    Safe and Clean Studio
    Our 1000 square feet Allegro studio is fitted with a professional sprung floor system. This essential for the safety of your children. Also, the school is cleaned twice weekly to ensure that the cleanliness is of a high standard
  4. 4
    Stage Concept Studio Design
    Our Allegro studio is design based on the concept of a stage. It has a huge waiting area housed right inside the studio for students to warm up while waiting for their class. This waiting area is also big enough to house audience for mini recitals scheduled to be held regularly as part of the ballet program.
  5. 5
    We Take Care of The Family
    Our parents lounge is located at a convenient location (in between the 3 studios) where parents can relax over a cup of coffee and browse through newspapers and magazines while waiting for their children. There is also a corner for children to sit down to read a book or do some coloring and drawing.